• Yang Youhong
  • Sex: Male
  • Dept: Accounting
  • Title: Professor
  • Email:yyhbibcn@263.net

 Youhong Yang, acted as division chief ofscience & technology division of Beijing Technology and Business University, doctorial tutor,the Scholar of the Great Wallin Beijing and the committee member of Ministry of Education accounting education committee. He also acts as the part-time researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the part-time professor of Harbin University of Commerce, the executive director of China Association of Chief Financial Officers,vicepresident ofCommercialAccountingSociety ofChina,the Beijing top teachers of colleges and universities, and the Beijing Advanced Educator.He was the chief editor and the TV host of Intermediate Financial Accounting and Advanced Financial Accounting, which are the teaching material of the Ministry of Education reforming the talent training and opening education program.He is the independent director of several companies. The main research field includes corporate accounting, internal control, budget management, enterprise performance evaluation. More than 100 research paper had been published in the top domestic and foreign journals. More than 50 books had been written by him, and 5 of these books are monograph. His masterpieces include Assets Reorganization of Accounting, Enterprise Internal Control Framework:Construction,Operation and Evaluation,Accounting for Financial Instruments, Enterprise Internal Accounting Control Systemand so on. Intermediate Financial Accounting he teaches won the Ministry of EducationExcellent Course Prize in 2003 and in 2007. And Advanced Financial Accounting he teaches won the National Excellent Course Prize in 2009.