We have two types of MBA programs, one is for domestic students who can choose full time study and part time study, the other is full time study for international students. Each program is unique in its own way but all are 2-year long programs.  After eight years of exploring and experimenting, MBA Education Center now has a complete system of teaching and practice. We have cultivated 642 management talents for society. The center aims to reshape MBA students’ business mind, expand their career vision, increase their social contacts, improve their management skills, leadership and executive capacities, which will help the students achieving greater success in their career.
There are four directions in MBA program: Corporate Finance and Accounting, Investment and Futures, Organization and Operation Management, Logistics Management, covering many sub-directions, such as modern manufacture, high and new technology industry, modern retail business, modern service industry and so on. Involving both the classic components and frontier in this field, MBA program provides unlimited possibilities for its students.
MBA Center is characterized by 1) benchmarking with the best business school around the world, by developing strict admitting criteria, high–quality curriculum content and well-designed practices. 2) Customized cultivating schemes for each MBA student, by providing chances to be assistants of presidents in big corporations, and to be members of anti-poverty group, which is aiming to develop local economy by using their management knowledge and experience.
MBA Center has established international cooperation with 52 universities in different countries. Our students can choose to attend oversea courses or study tour of different length according to their own schedules.