Author: Date: 2016-12-08




From July 18, 2016 to July 31st, Business school organized 15 teachers and students to visit the Telecom Business School in Paris. The program is mainly in the forms of classroom teaching and field trips. It lasts 2 weeks in Paris, Brussels and Geneva and other European cities.
At Telecom Business School, students attended to the speeches given by senior professors: B2B marketing in big data era, social innovation and change in big data era, multi channel strategy and supply chain management and other seminars. The professors took wine, luxury jewelry industry as examples and gave vivid explanation, from which students generally think benefit a lot.
In Brussels and Geneva, students went to the headquarters of the European Union, the United Nations Office in Geneva, the International Telecommunication Union headquarters, etc. The students got an enthusiastic reception in these international institutions, learning the management structure and operation mode, the challenge to the institutions and the development of the future.
In recent years, Business Schools implements the international strategy of "going out" and "bringing in”, and actively encourage students to go abroad. We also received a large number of overseas students, aiming to expand students’ international vision.