Accounting Standard Research Center
Accounting standard research center focused on the theoretical study on the accounting standards for business enterprises and the government, and the evaluation of implementation of accounting standards in order to provide theoretical and empirical support for international and domestic organizations in the improvement and formulation of accounting standards for business enterprises and the government.

Investor Protection Research Center
Around the core of construction of China capital market and based on investor protection theory, this center takes research on the mechanisms and routes of impact from accounting information disclosure, internal control, external audit and financial operation on investor protection. By preparation and release Accounting- based Investor Protection Index, we expect to improve influence of accounting information on resources allocation and investor protection.

Corporate Finance and Group Management Research Center
Around the core of corporate value creation and based on the theory of financial stratification, this center undertakes research on group strategy and governance, group financial decision-making and operation, performance evaluation and organization incentive under the framework of organization strategy. We build the financial theory and control system applied to enterprise groups, especially to state-owned enterprises.

Service Management and Service Marketing Research Center
With the focus on strategic transformation and innovation of modern service industry, this center undertakes systematic, frontier and innovative research on service innovation, service marketing, retail service quality management, and online-retail management. This center studies issues on the service innovation mode, service quality, customer participation, service brand communication, retail own brand, online retail management, and chain management

Internet and Supply Chain Management Center
This center undertakes research on innovation and development of the enterprise supply chain management with the change of business mode under the Internet circumstance, and takes focus on logistics and supply chain management, e-commerce and supply chain management, green supply chain finance, dual channel supply chain pricing, supply chain of agricultural products, food safety and supply chain, etc.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Research Center
This center undertakes research on innovation and entrepreneurship theory and method, innovation strategies and policies. We take focus on the institutional environment, strategic and organizational culture, and human resource strategy which promote innovation. We also study the basic rule of innovation and entrepreneurial process, technology and business mode innovation; innovation and entrepreneurship theory and practice in open network environment with the feature of big data.

Collaborative Innovation Center for State-Owned Assets Administration
Beijing Technology and Business University undertakes research on original theory and the frontier application study around the core of the state-owned assets supervision and administration, to meet the significant requirements of China and Beijing State-owned Assets Management. The center is to set up a theoretical system and operation mechanism of state-owned assets management and support research on state-owned management and control system, performance assessment and organization incentive, strategy and investment and financing decision-making, financial report, and state-owned assets supervision and administration.

Beijing Wholesale and Retail Research Base
This research center was established by Beijing Technology and Business University in collaboration with Beijing Commission of Commerce in 2009. The center undertakes research on Beijing wholesale & retail development planning, development policy and environment, upgrade and innovation, coordinated development of Beijing wholesale & retail and relative industries and regional economy.

China Venture Capital Research Center
This center was established to promote teaching and research and academic exchanges on venture investment. This center undertakes research on the theory, policy and practice issues related to venture investment, and undertakes projects relative to venture capital investment theory, policy and practice. This base holds China Venture Capital Forum annually in collaboration with the Investment Association of China. The center aims to be a high level theory research center, brand education base, academic communication platform, and excellent consulting institution to promote the development of Chinese venture capital and innovation.

China Management Accounting Innovation and Development Research Center
This center is committed to theoretical research and practical exploration on management accounting in China. By constructing multi-level learning and communication platform, this center aims to harvest frontier achievements on management accounting in China and promote the innovation and development of the management accounting theory and application system with Chinese characteristics